Ford Still Over Tesla Among Investors


If you were to ask the average person to name a car manufacturer in the United States, chances are they would name one of the big three; Ford, GM, and Chrysler have had a stranglehold on domestic car sales for decades. However as of late, Tesla Motors has proven to be a viable competitor in the market. With their futuristic approach to car design and Tony Stark-esque CEO, they have received a large amount of attention in the last few years. Many people believe them to be the future of the automotive market, with companies such as Ford representing the past.

While Tesla is certainly the feel good story, many still believe in the old school option. Morgan Stanley recently polled investors on how they felt about Ford vs. Tesla in terms of who they would trust their money with. It seems that they still believe Ford to be the better option, with 57% opting for the traditional car manufacturer. It’s only logical; Tesla is not yet a proven commodity and has many questions moving forward.

Perhaps the most pressing question involving Tesla Motors is the performance of the Model 3. Billed as the electric vehicle for the masses, there is a possibility it causes the company to overreach and ultimately fall flat. With Tesla investing much of its resources into increasing production, there is the possibility the market is simply not interested in the economically geared vehicle. Ford, on the other hand, has established a much larger following, outselling Tesla last year nearly 33:1. This fact alone tells the story that while the new company’s stock prices have soared, they have a long road ahead of them when it comes to making Tesla the most popular car maker in America. While they may be the future, Ford, GM, and Chrysler are still very much so the present.