Formula E is About to Get a Serious Upgrade


Often times, the best way to spur new growth in an industry is to use technology to do something truly remarkable. Just ask NASA; the power of inspiring a new generation of scientists is still felt after the space race of the 1960s.

If our goal is to increase interest – and therefore investment – in green energy, than there may be no better way to accomplish this then Formula E. As compared to the gas powered F1, Formula E uses all electric motors. One of the main problems with this format was the battery usage: primarily the fact that they could not last an entire race. Drivers actually have to switch vehicles mid-race in order to continue. This is a league rule: two car swaps have to be performed every race.

This makes for a truly odd viewing experience, as it makes the entire competition seem oddly archaic. The league is much more standardized than Formula 1, with the components for the vehicles being supplied to the teams instead of the choice of supplier being left to the individuals. McLaren provides the batteries used in the races, and they are clearly due for an upgrade.

This need for a change is close to being fulfilled, as McLaren is aiming to have a battery with double the capacity as the current model ready for Season 5 of Formula E. This would mean no more car swaps, a fact that race fans and drivers alike can rejoice in. Batteries would last an entire race, leaving more time for a purer racing experience. This could prove to be a turning point for the league, as critics could no longer point to the sport as being in its infancy due to its limited technology. Simulations for this new battery have already begun.