Daimler Creates Cheapest Electric Car in US, With Impressive Results

2017 smart electric drive coupe

Prices of electric cars are often barriers to their adoption, but those prices have been trending lower. As an example, there is a new holder of the “cheapest electric car” title, the Daimler 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive.

The Daimler 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive retails for $23,800 in the United States, meaning that the 2017 model will sell for $1,200 less than the 2016 version, despite having superior performance and better range.

The compact, two-seater nature of the car may frustrate those looking for a car with more space, but managing to be better and cheaper than the old model is quite an achievement. Due to improvements in electric car technology, one can expect the same to happen to other electric car models in the coming years.

The 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive apparently comes with some new features over the 2016 model. It has a more powerful air-cooled electric motor, a faster AC charging time, and a higher top speed among other smaller improvements like cruise control and a battery warranty. It has an estimated charging time of 2.5 hours, about twice as fast as the old model. The vehicle has an estimated drive range of approximately 70-80 miles (113-129 km).

While the range means it may not be attractive to those living outside of dense urban areas, others may find its improved features and price point compelling reasons to buy it.