Florida’s Champion Brands to Save $760,000 with Solar Power


Florida’s beverage distribution company Champions Brands will be receiving 20% of its energy needs from solar power, thanks to the installation of 340 solar panels at its Jacksonville headquarters. The solar system is expected to save the company approximately $760,000 in utility expense over the system’s lifetime.

The CEO of Champion Brands, Earl Benton, has stressed the value of reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

“Practicing sustainability is one of our core values, and adding a solar panel system to our headquarters is one way to do it,” Benton said. “By reducing our carbon footprint and even our overall corporate utility cost, we can better serve our customers and give back to the communities in which we have facilities.”

Champion Brands’ decision to use solar power allows the company to offset its energy consumption by approximately 170,000 KWh per year. This translates to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 13,371 gallons of gas. Champion Brands distributes to several local craft breweries: Intuition Ale Works, Pinglehead Brewing Co., Veterans United Craft Brewing and Zeta, Aardwolf Brewing Co., Engine 15 Brewing Co.

The instillation was completed by A1A Solar. Pete Wilking, founder of A1A Solar, is excited about the Champion Brands’ decision.

“If 100 additional companies in greater Jacksonville area followed suit, we could reduce the ecological footprint of Jacksonville by 1,260 tons of CO2 emissions per year,” Wilking said.