Tesla Model S Beats Out Combined Sales of Porsche Panamera, Mercedes S-Class, and BMW 6/7 Series


Tesla seems to be sitting comfortably ahead of the competition, at least when it comes to the area of large luxury sedans. Despite competition from other manufacturers who are getting in on the electric vehicle market, Tesla neatly dominates the competition, with their Model S outselling the sales of the Mercedes S-Class, the Porsche Panamera, and the BMW 6/7 combined. According to Electrek, the amount of newly registered large luxury sedans in the first quarter contained approximately 7500 newly registered Teslas.

Tesla Model S Beats Out Combined Sales of Porsche Panamera, Mercedes S Class, and BMW 6/7 Series

Tesla’s success in the large luxury sedan segment is helped by it having the only all-electric vehicle in the category. It will see competition increase by the end of the decade, however, as both Mercedes and Audi are planning to launch their own al-electric vehicles. However, Telsa still has an advantage in that their all-electric vehicles will not be competing with their own traditional vehicles, unlike how Mercedes and Audi will have to split their market across two categories.

It is unknown if Tesla can maintain that advantage in the midsize sedan market, which they will enter their upcoming Model 3 into. The Model 3 may sap sales from the Model S. What cannot be denied is that Tesla is starting off the last part of the 2010’s in an excellent position.