Tesla’s Model S and 3 Side-by-Side Comparison


With the upcoming release of the Tesla Model 3, the electric vehicle manufacturer aims to become profitable thanks to the increased demand for the economic option. This was part of Elon Musk’s plan all along: make a high end small supply car to increase interest, then increase scale with a cheaper option.

Tesla recently released a graphic that illustrates some of the key differences between the Model S and Model 3, one which shows just how large of a gap exists between the flagship and flagship to be. A Reddit user then proceeded to update the graphic to include the price jumps that would be required for the options displayed.

Immediately upon review, one can see the price required to receive the dual motor option. Without the full information released, the jump for the Model 3 is shown at “less than” $5,000, with the Model S at $5,000. This option is strictly performance based, as it is hardly required to have a vehicle with two motors.

Teslas Model S and 3 Side by Side Comparison

Teslas Model S and 3 Side by Side Comparison

Teslas Model S and 3 Side by Side Comparison

Another glaring price jump occurs when looking at the acceleration times. In order to receive the Model S with the mind numbingly fast 2.3 second 0-60 time, you would have to pay an equally mind numbing $70,500. Of course this option doesn’t just improve the speed of the car, but rather is for the entire package that includes the increased acceleration. This is the only package to offer this performance.

Regardless of your view of the Tesla Model 3, it is still impressive that they have been able to offer what is still a modern electric vehicle for $35,000. While its acceleration isn’t at super car levels like the Model S, its time of 5.6 seconds for 0-60 is sporty enough. Its range is shorter at 215 miles, but still longer than most others.

When compared to other electric vehicle options on the market not made by Tesla, the Model 3 still shines above the rest.