Tesla Model S Now Available for Under $40K Through Certified Pre-Owned Program


Those looking to secure a Tesla second-hand often had to commit to putting down quite a bit of money, due to the fact that the Tesla Model S retains its value much better than traditional gas-powered cars. In fact, an Autolist report claimed that it only lost 28% of its value after 50,000 miles. However, due to a new update to the Certified Pre-Owned program from the company, a second-hand Tesla becomes much a much more attractive option. Tesla now maintains a list of Certified Pre-Owned Model S cars for less than $40,000.

While it was possible to sometimes find a used Model S around $40,000, it would usually come from a reseller or directly from the owner. It was quite difficult to find one in that range in the Certified Pre-Owned program. That is no longer the case, as Tesla has created a new version of their program for high-mileage vehicles. Many of them are just over $30,000.

Tesla Model S Now Available for Under $40K Through Certified Pre Owned Program

The program ensures that each vehicle receives a full inspection along with a two-year 100k Mile pre-owned limited warranty, and 24-hour roadside assistance. This is in addition to the years or miles remaining on the vehicle’s drivetrain and battery warranty. Some of these vehicles may only have a few thousand or so miles left on the warranty, but others can have 30,000 to 40,000 miles left on the warranty.

It should be noted that most of the vehicles listed on the high-mileage Certified Pre-Owned program don’t come with a version of the Autopilot feature, the cheapest one with Autopilot runs about $47,000.

Tesla has recently been engaged in an “anti-selling” campaign, and reminded everyone that the new Model 3 is not the “next generation Tesla”. That assurance, along with the new program, may convince those who still have some reservations about Tesla ownership to make the plunge.