LEGO Achieves 100% Renewable Power Three Years Ahead of Schedule


The LEGO Group has recently hit its goal of being 100% powered by renewable resources ahead of schedule.

The effort was completed after four years of conscious effort to invest in renewable energy sources, including investments of 904 million dollars in two offshore wind farms. May 17th saw the opening of the completed 258-megawatt Burbo Bank Extension wind farm, 25% of it is owned by LEGO’s parent company KIRKBI A/S.

LEGO Group CEP Bali Padda released the following statement, affirming LEGO’s commitment to renewable energy sources:

“We work to leave a positive impact on the planet, and I am truly excited about the inauguration of the Burbo Bank Extension wind farm. This development means we have now reached the 100% renewable energy milestone three years ahead of target. Together with our partners, we intend to continue investing in renewable energy to help create a better future for the builders of tomorrow.”

LEGO Achieves 100% Renewable Power Three Years Ahead of Schedule

LEGO is just one of the rapidly growing number of companies making progress towards the goal of 100% independence from fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources. Other companies such as Intel, Walmart, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are also trying to divest themselves of fossil fuel reliance and commit to renewable resources. Indeed, the RE100 initiative includes pledges from 96 different companies.

It’s not just companies pledging to pursue renewable energy, many nations, states, and cities are also committed to the tenants of the Paris accord. Despite the United States’ recent exit from the Paris accord, many cities and states have nonetheless promised to uphold the climate agreements tenants.

The LEGO Group built a massive wind turbine entirely out of LEGO bricks to celebrate hitting their goal, earning an Guinness World Record for the effort. They went on to say that they hope their example can inspire young people to stay active and committed to a better future.

“We see children as our role models, and as we take action in reducing our environmental impact as a company, we will also continue to work to inspire children around the world by engaging them in environmental and social issues,” Padda said.