Fisker’s ‘Tesla Killer’ Has a 400 Mile Range and Charges in 9 Minutes


Automotive design legend Henrik Fisker announced last year that he is working on a new electric vehicle to challenge the success of the Tesla Model S. He has now released the first genuine look at the vehicle intended to be a successor to the Fisker Karma.

The vehicle is dubbed the Fisker EMotion, and it will be the first car produced by the newly created Fisker Inc. (Fisker’s Automotive brand was sold in 2014, and then rebranded at Karma Automotive.) It is one of two planned electric vehicles by Fisker Inc., the second vehicle is yet to be named but it is designed to appeal to the mass market rather than being a luxury sector vehicle like the EMotion is.

The EMotion definitely looks slick, but what is most impressive about is the technology it employs. According to Fisker, the vehicle should be capable of a 400-mile range on a single charge, beating out the 300-mile range of the Model S by quite a margin. It will also come with a fast charging feature which allows the car to charge up in around nine minutes. Fisker has said that the car uses a patent-pending technology designed by researchers at UCLA for the battery, which gives up the typical lithium-ion battery in exchange for a series of supercapacitors utilizing graphene.

The EMotion has a top speed of 161 miles per hour, and will also come with some version of an autonomous autopilot like feature. The price for the vehicle is still unknown.