Florida’s FPL Utility Company to Power 120,000 Homes With Solar


Florida Power and Light Co. is hard at work on expanding Florida’s solar power options, by creating eight new solar power plants.

The new plants will consist of more than 2.5 million solar panels which will be able to generate almost 600 MW of power combined, and all are ready to bring power to customers of FPL by 2018. Each of the new plants will be capable of generating 74.5 MW of energy.

The company wants to build all the new solar plants in cost-effective ways, this means that the investments will bring net savings to FPL customers over and above the price of construction.

“FPL is living proof that it’s possible to generate cleaner energy and deliver outstanding service while keeping customers’ electric bills among the lowest in the nation,” FPL’s president and CEO Eric Silagy said. “We are proud to be advancing affordable clean energy infrastructure in Florida in close partnership with respected environmental advocates, community leaders, and our customers. Together, we are bringing the benefits of solar energy to more Floridians faster and more affordably than ever before.”

Power from the plants will go into FPL’s energy grid and will make up the energy equivalent to the needs of 120,000 homes.

Currently, there are around 500 people working on the solar sites, but FPL thinks that the workforce will grow to around 1500 people during this summer.

“FPL continues to transform the energy landscape of the state and nation, and we are honored that North Florida is playing an important role,” said VP of economic development for the Putman County Chamber of Commerce, Brian Vergen. “These new solar power plants are about more than just affordable clean energy. They’re also delivering economic benefits right here, right now.”

Florida is ranked ninth in the nation for solar resources, and FPL predicts that solar will outpace oil and coal combined as a percentage of the company’s energy by the year 2020. From 2017 to 2023 FPL expects to add almost 2100 new megawatts of solar power, including the 600 MW under construction at the moment.