StoreDot is an Israeli storage tech startup and over the past few years, they have touted a revolutionary battery which is both energy dense and quick to recharge.

Recently, the company showed off a prototype which could apparently be recharged in only five minutes, yet is said to be energy dense enough to power up to 300 miles of range on that quick recharge. Competitors of StoreDot are seeking to increase the mileage a vehicle can get per charge, but the company is instead focusing on increasing how quickly a vehicle can charge.

New Electric Vehicle Battery Could Charge in Just Five Minutes

The company’s FlashBattery technology uses a combination of gradient layers, nano materials, and a “proprietary organic compound”. The new hybrid battery avoids the use of the common graphite found in traditional Lithium-ion batteries. Though graphite is unable to sustain fast charging power, StoreDot’s proprietary organic compound is not flammable and combusts at a higher temperature, which increases the battery’s safety alongside the resistance of the battery cell. The proof of concept for the new batteries was presented at CUBE’s TechFair in Berlin.

StoreDot’s tech was hinted at back in 2015, but the difficulties of achieving such milestones like a 5 minute charge pushed back their reveal until just recently. According to the company, their batteries could be available for use within electric vehicles sometime in the next three years.

“Fast Charging is the critical missing link needed to make electric vehicles ubiquitous,” said Co-Founder and CEO of StoreDot, Dr. Doron Myersdorf. “The currently available battery technology dictates long charging times which makes the EV form of transportation inadequate for the public at large. We’re exploring options with a few strategic partners in the auto space to help us boost the production process in Asia and reach mass production as soon as possible.”