Canada Has an Ambassador for Climate Change, When will America?


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently appointed his ambassador for climate change. Jennifer MacIntyre, an experienced Canadian diplomat, fills the role as of this Tuesday.

Canada has not had an ambassador for climate change since 2015, and with MacIntyre’s appointment to the position, the position will go through a bit of an overhaul. MacIntryre will have a mandate to push Canada’s international relationships regarding climate change forward, including the promotion of Canadian clean technology businesses abroad.

MacIntyre will be the fifth person to possess the title ambassador for climate change, however, unlike previous people to hold the title, she will not be Canada’s chief negotiator for climate change treaties. Instead, Trudeau will fill that role. She will also not be there next week when he sits down with the other G20 leaders in Germany where the Paris climate agreement will be the primary topic of discussion.

MacIntyre’s role will primarily be finding ways for Canada to take advantage of international opportunities for investment or trade found in climate change policies.