Cincinnati Waterworks Drops Coal for Solar – Reducing Carbon by 25k Tons/Year


The Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, John Cranley, announced this past Wednesday that Greater Cincinnati Waterworks will transition completely from coal power to solar power.

Representatives from the Mayor’s Office say that the solar array which will provide power to GCW is estimated to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by around 25,000 tons annually, which is equivalent to removing around 5,000 cars off the roads. The solar installation is predicted to be the largest municipal solar installation in the country.

Mayor Cranley has also committed the Mayors for 100% Clean Energy initiative, started by the Sierra Club, with the goal of transitioning Cincinnati to meeting 100% of its power needs from renewable resources by 2035.

Cincinnati has established itself as a national leader in renewable resources thanks to past renewable power projects, managing to cut its emissions by 18%, according to city officials. City officials say the project is a large step down the road towards 100% renewable power.