Vermont Company Makes History With First Solar Powered Brewery


Rock Art Brewery, located in Morrisville, Vermont, made history this week by becoming the first brewery to use solar power to brew beer. According to Matt Nadeau, Rock Art Brewery’s owner, using sunlight to make beer has long been a dream of his and is the fruits of months of work. Prep work had to be done for six months before the switch to solar could happen.

“Every beer from here on out is 100 percent solar powered,” said Nadeau.

Vermont Company Makes History With First Solar Powered Brewery

Nadeau said that Rock Art Brewery is the first brewery in the entire country to run completely on solar power, thanks to solar panels which were installed by Sun Common Vermont.

Sun Common Vermont’s representative Mike McCarthy spoke about the benefits of solar power for local businesses.

“Solar is a work horse for Rock Art and for other businesses that choose to go solar. It’s a smart investment for the bottom line and a good thing for the planet,” said McCarthy. “When I combine the incentives that are available for solar along with good financing, and the fact that we are offsetting the power costs, it makes sense for a lot of businesses.”

Nadeau explained that powering the 13,000 square foot building completely on solar power cost the business about $165,000. Though the cost up front is more the larger the building is, he expects to save money in the end.

Rock art brewery bottled and released a special promotional beer dubbed Sun Rock IPA to celebrate the transition to solar power. According to those who have tasted it, it’s quite something.

“It’s got a great finish to it. Planning on taking a four pack away today'” said Dave Watson, who tried the new flavor at the Rock Art Brewery.