Oregon Becomes More EV Friendly, Now Offers $2,500 Tax Rebate


Oregon has become a lot more EV friendly, as the Oregon House approved a $5.3 billion, 10-year transportation funding package (HB 2017), that includes plug-in vehicle incentives.

The major point are point-of-purchase rebates (full Bill details below):

  • up to $1,500 for plug-in cars with battery pack up to 10 kWh
  • up to $2,500 for plug-in cars with battery pack over 10 kWh
  • $50,000 vehicle price cap

Oregon intends to spend $12 million every year, over the next six years for the rebates.

If the driver qualifies as a low-to-moderate income earner, and will also scrap an older car at the same time (20+ years old), another $2,500 is added to the incentive from the “Charge Ahead” fund (for a total of up to $5,000). This rebates will be available also for used cars.

Separately, NEVs – neighborhood electric vehicles – and electric motorcycles will also get rebates – up to $750 from 2019.  The state also set fees for electric vehicles (at around $110 annually), but those will enter info force in 2020.

The program goes into effect on January 1st, 2018, but consumers have up to 6 months to apply…so there should not be any “crater” in EV sales between now and then.

Bill details of interest:

(Rebate Program; Provisions Operative January 1, 2018)

(3) The purchaser or lessee of a qualifying vehicle may apply for a rebate for a portion of the purchase price or may choose to assign the rebate to a vehicle dealer or lessor.

(6) Rebates for qualifying vehicles shall be set annually by the department as follows: (a) For light-duty zero-emission vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with an electrochemical energy storage capacity of 10 kilowatt hours or more, up to $2,500 but not less than $1,500. (b) For light-duty zero-emission vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with an electrochemical energy storage capacity of less than 10 kilowatt hours, up to $1,500 but not less than $750.

(7) To be eligible for a rebate, a person requesting a rebate under the program shall:

(a) Purchase or lease a qualifying vehicle. A lease must have a minimum term of 24 months.

(b) Provide proof of an intent to use the qualifying vehicle primarily on the public highways of this state, which may be satisfied by providing proof of registration of the qualifying vehicle in Oregon.

(c) Submit an application for a rebate to the administrator of the program within six months after the date of purchase of the qualifying vehicle or six months after the date the lease of the qualifying vehicle begins

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