Easton Utilities completes solar array


EASTON — Easton Utilities officially commissioned a 2-megawatt solar array, which is now generating clean energy.The solar array is the second source of renewable energy being generated at the Easton Sustainability Campus. The majority of the array was grant funded through the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). The project began construction in late June and was completed on time and within budget.“The overwhelming support of this project solidifies Easton Utilities’ continued focus on initiatives and programs targeted at resource conservation and protecting the environment,” said Hugh E. Grunden, president and CEO of Easton Utilities.
The solar array will provide 100 percent of the “enhanced nutrient removal” wastewater treatment facility’s annual electrical consumption and will generate renewable energy credits.Since 2004, standards for Maryland energy companies have been changing and now require their overall portfolio to have a significant percentage of energy from renewable energy sources.“Sourcing the alternative forms of energy locally reduces the amount of energy we purchase off the grid and ultimately saves our customers money,” Grunden said.

“The solar array project allows all Easton residents to benefit from shared renewable energy regardless of housing situation, location and whether a homeowner or renter,” Easton Utilities stated.Earlier this year, Easton Utilities completed the installation of a generator to convert methane gas from the Mid-Shore Regional Landfill to electricity. By capturing methane gas and converting it to electricity, Easton Utilities is removing this greenhouse gas, which is estimated to have a global warming impact 25 times greater than carbon dioxide.”The Easton Sustainability Campus is an innovative facility comprised of multiple, diverse, renewable energy sources helping to improve both air and water quality through state-of-the-art technology within the local community,” Easton Utilities stated.

Josh Bollinger